Sunday, January 20, 2013

Walking on Water with the starch

There has been a research that a person can walk on water. How is it possible? Well, the answer lies in the starch. If we mix a lot of starch in the water e.g., in a pool or in a tub then we can walk on that water (or should I say that mixture). The trick is that a person has to walk or run very quickly on that mixture of water and starch. If the person does not walk quickly then he will sink. But if he walk very fast then the starch acts as a solid and the person can walk on it. The reason behind this, according to a latest research, is the molecules.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to walk on water like Criss Angel or Dynamo

Dynamo walking on water explained and revealed:
We have seen certain magicians like Criss Angel and Dynamo walking on the water. Do they really walk on water or do they trick us into thinking that they are walking on water? The answer is that the magicians create an illusion of walking on the water. They use some kind of support under the surface of water and walk on it.
The question is how to create an illusion of walking on water. The answer is that you need some kind of support, e.g., - wooden planks, plexi glass - at differnt places under the water surface. Small supports e.g., table like structures - ensure that people can swim between them and give the illusion that you are actually walking on the water. Seconldy, camera angle has to be set in such a way that support can not be seen. Or the audience have to be far enough (in Dynamo's case) that they can not see the support.
In a certain magician's case he has the tables of plexiglass under the surface in the swimming pool. The tables are made of glass and their legs are also made of glass. They have been put in with some distance in the pool as illustrated by the videos. That's why people can swim under (cause you can crawl under your kitchen table), pass through (because you can pass through two tables) and so on.
Please see the following videos in which I explore, reveal and show how to create an illusion of walking on the water.

1. : Walking on water revealed by practically doing it : can be also be seen on IFACTU channel on Youtube.

How to walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering). How did Dynamo, Criss Angel or Chuck Norris walk on water? I reveal how to create an illusion of walking on the water like Criss Angel or Liquid Mountaineering or Dyamo the amazing walking across River Thames in London.

2. : Illustration of walking on water : can be also be seen on IFACTU channel on Youtube.